About Us

Tec-Tel Communications is a business technology and hardware provider committed to offering nationwide expert assistance. From small professional offices to multi-site enterprises, we believe every client deserves top-notch customer care. We partner with and represent the finest companies in the telecom industry and work as your boots on the ground for your technology needs!

By leveraging a national network of highly skilled technicians, Tec-Tel provides outstanding on-site support for all customers. In addition to our network of talented technicians, we provide high-level service coordinators to manage every project from beginning to end. By white labeling our services and completely operating as an extension of your company, our skilled and experienced team will help you achieve optimum performance. Tec-Tel Communications is your one-stop source for all your business communication needs.



As a tele- communications professional with over 15 years’ experience, Joe Intoci has knowledge in multiple facets of the industry. He has been a problem solver for several organizations and provided an impact on their voice, data, and video solutions. Joe realizes technology is an important aspect of our lives and has a substantial impact on the workplace, which is why he has a history of helping organizations stay on top of the ever-changing business solutions available. As the CEO and managing partner of Tec-Tel Communications, Joe strategically leads the company with his vast knowledge, fierce ambition, and strong desire to help others.



Matthew Trojcak co-founded Tec-Tel Communications in 2011. Prior to his time as Tec-Tel’s COO and managing partner, he spent much of his career in the automotive field. While within this vertical, he mastered the art of exceptional customer service, became familiar with multiple billing processes, and honed his management skills. Those skills include employee training and scheduling, talent acquisition, and building strong team foundations. Under his leadership, Tec-Tel’s operations have seen tremendous growth and process improvements while still maintaining the fundamental customer service principals Tec-Tel has become known for.



Vice President of Sales & Marketing, Rick Lakie leads Tec-Tel’s national sales and marketing teams by focusing on accountability and growth. Prior to joining Tec-Tel Communications, Rick was a senior sales executive, company president, and business owner. With over 30 years of experience in the telecom industry, Rick brings a demonstrated history of success and a strong record in growing a sales force, business development, building solid relationships, and professional growth among his teams.