Tec-Tel Communications Launches New Marketing Campaign

Tec-Tel Communications launched a new integrated marketing campaign, aimed to redefine and elevate visibility around the company’s products, staff, and capabilities.

Tec-Tel Communications launched a new integrated marketing campaign, aimed to redefine and elevate visibility around the company’s products, staff, and capabilities. The campaign centers on integrating both traditional and non-traditional branding, media, and marketing efforts to provide targeted information, news, best practices, and strategic/tactical support for the small to medium sized businesses.

Tec-Tel Communications is a New Jersey-based Avaya Business Partner founded in 2011, managed by four business partners Joseph Intoci, Tom Fazio, Matthew Trojcak, and Jerry Schauder. With over 50 years of collective relevant Industry/telecom experience, the company has created an environment that focuses on how to empower the small to medium business community through the use of leading edge technology. Tec-Tel Communications makes sure that it remains in the forefront of Telecommunications with vast understanding of available products, software, information, and technology.

To institute this exciting strategic and Tactical Marketing Plan, Tec-Tel Communications hired Expert Marketing and Public Relations Firm, Prospect PR Inc. Prospect PR Inc, founded in Georgia has worked with clients across multiple verticals including technology, consumer electronics, marketing, entertainment, education, manufacturing, retail, among others. Prospect PR Inc. specializes in analyzing the current marketing and public relations efforts of an organization, then utilizing a multi-faceted approach to revamping and improving all current online and offline channels of exposure.

“We are excited to be working with Prospect PR Inc., our company Tec-Tel Communications is at a cross-road to growth right now. Tec-Tel Communications has the organizational structure in place, a highly regarded reputation, the right staff, the right products, and now we will have the right marketing and public relations-providing us with the right level of exposure to meet our goals,” stated managing partner of Tec-Tel Communications, Joseph Intoci.

According to a representative from Prospect PR Inc, “having clients’ like Tec-Tel Communications and a management team including executives such as Joseph Intoci, is a true pleasure for our company, Prospect PR Inc. When we take on a client, we look for partners and organizations who are both passionate about their companies and products as well truly interested in growing their business and Tec-Tel Communications is both.

The campaign, which Tec-Tel Communications will be implementing over the course of the next year includes the revamping of all current web based/viral and social marketing and branding materials including LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, the current website, as well as email blasting. Prospect PR Inc. will be initiating additional online/viral exposure through online media, product and company reviews, online press, blogs, additional exposure sites (i.e StumbleUpon, Digg, Reddit, Mixxit, etc.), award programs, web based educational series (webinars and YouTube Series), creation of an informational newsletter, affiliate programs and the initiation of partner programs.

Offsite marketing and public relations efforts include the initiation of award programs, speaking opportunities, event coordination, press interviews (radio, television, print magazine, print, newspapers), product description brochure creation, branded sales presentations, advertisement creation, and offline adverts.

The new website, blog launch, and phone application will be at www.tec-tel.com. In the meantime, we would love to get your feedback on the social media efforts already underway at LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter.

The TV spots will air on network and cable television and will be supported by print advertisements in national newspapers and business publications such as The Wall Street Journal, The Economist as well as online media.

“Brand marketing to drive profitable growth is one of our strategic growth initiatives,” said Joseph Intoci. “This campaign is our latest effort in delivering against this key objective.”

For more information on these new initiatives please contact us at media@tec-tel.com.

About Tec-Tel Communications

Tec-Tel Communications is a New Jersey based Avaya Business Partner and customer centric service organization. Founded in 2011 and managed by four telecom industry veterans Joseph Intoci, Tom Fazio Matthew Trojcak and Jerry Schauder, Tec-Tel Communications was built on the belief that by delivering the best, quality, knowledgeable, responsive and consistent service in the industry they would maintain steady growth. Tec-Tel Communications’ core product offering centers on the Avaya IP office suite of products which targets small to medium businesses. Through the use of low rates, Service Level Agreements (SLA’s) and Flexible product offerings and plans to choose from, is what makes working with Tec-Tel Communications a true pleasure for the customer.