Tec-Tel Communication Emerge As Leaders In The Industry

Tec-Tel Communications, LLC was recently named one of the top 10 Tech Solutions Providers in America, by Industry Tech Outlook Magazine. Join the community and start to follow us on our top social media outlets - LinkedIn & Facebook. If you need any assistance, look no further than our exceptional team of industry experts for assistance.

The Little Engine That Could.

Tec-Tel Communication's CEO Joe Intoci and COO Matt Trojcak have been friends since they were only three and one years old!  Growing up in New Jersey has given them a great perspective on life that they have brought into the world of technology. With the strong bond of friendship that has been building since childhood, the two have continued with that same trust and closeness with employees, partners and clients alike, which has been a key factor that has supported the fast growth and success at Tec-Tel. It is also the foundation of the company slogan, "Staying Connected. Building Relationships.", which is the DNA of the company.

Tec-Tel's beginnings in the Telephony Industry was 10 years ago from this autumn and they have never lost sight of the goals that they have set for each other on their journey to success. From their humble beginnings they have always worked as a team to overcome any and all obstacles that were put before them. Tec-Tel continues to prove that it is a leader in the Technology Industry and the stars are the limit with all of the love and support received from its workforce, partners and clients.

Industry Tech Outlook has ranked Tec-Tel, Communications as one of the top 10 Technology Solutions Companies in the United States. Its origins come from two best friends that have worked together tirelessly to make it into the pinnacle of success that we see today, which has now captured the attention of many and earned the respect that it truly deserves.

Joe and Matt are an unstoppable force and with their amazing workforce stretching across all 50 states behind them, the company will soon be expanding into Mexico and the Caribbean. Tec-Tel is a company to keep your eyes on in the Telephony Industry, as the company was able to double its market share in the last two years during the Covid-19 pandemic when many other companies were not so lucky.

Tec-Tel.com, follow the industry leaders, and watch them grow.

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