Created on:
March 21, 2019

Why upgrade to Category 6 Cable?

Over the years technological advancements have allowed businesses to make the most out of enhanced data capacity and processing ability. As the business environment continues to become more and more competitive, such advancements will go a long way to help companies in boosting efficiency of their operations.

As business networks and the volume of data that companies handle every day continue to grow, companies need to ensure they have sufficient cabling ready to support the growing data traffic. While Category 5 cabling might adequately address the needs of most businesses, the growing need for Gigabit speeds is changing this scenario, compelling companies to look for better options. With Category 5 cables, companies can benefit from a maximum speed of 1000Mbit, however, these cables may still prove to be inadequate for certain businesses. Especially the ones faced with the challenges of ever-rising data demands. These are the businesses that should look for advanced cabling benchmarks that include Category 6 cabling.

Category 5 cables and Category 6 cables are somewhat similar to each other in terms of design. They are both twisted pair wires, having four copper cable pairs. However, Category 6 cables are noted for their close-fitting twist that promotes faster reciprocal communication on both pair of wires. With an ability to support a 10 Gigabit network for a distance of up to 164 feet, Category 6 cables form a better alternative to the Category 5 cables. Additionally, the versatility of Category 6 cables accounts for their ability to support various forms of data, including voice and video. This translates into the fact that businesses can capitalize on the network-versatility both in terms of savings and convenience.

Businesses can benefit from a greater bandwidth by upgrading to Category 6 cabling. Category 6 cables are durable and have a long lifespan, which is what makes them a profitable investment option. With Category 6 cables, businesses can make use of emerging technologies as they are introduced and can run their operations in a more efficient manner. These cables are immune to disruptions that may be caused by other cables and devices in the network, which may lead to inferior network performance. Additionally, category 6 cabling is associated with a lesser chance of signal degradation, which is key as businesses typically need strong network performance to maintain continuity of their operations.

Plus, category 6 cables can be used concurrently with existing Category 5 cables. This means that Category 6 cables can be installed easily, straightaway, faster and at a cheaper cost without requiring companies to address any hassle in the process.

While Category 6 cables are pricier than Category 5 cables, businesses can still earn a faster return on their investment through efficient network performance that will boost productivity. By making use of Category 6 cables, businesses can minimize downtime and reduce costs to a significant extent. Today’s businesses rely on seamless communication and collaboration to continue their operations. Category 6 cables provide the appropriate infrastructure to support modern technologies, thereby giving companies the platform to help their employees to be more productive, excel in their work, and utilize nominal resources.

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