Cell Phone Optimization

Cell Phone Optimization

Cell Phone Optimization/Wireless Expense Reduction Services

Working with partners who leveraging extensive cellular industry experience and inside knowledge, we have created a set of services which focus entirely on reducing and managing corporate and institutional wireless costs. On average, our clients achieve ongoing, double-digit savings from our work on their accounts.

How we do what we do is important, and we would welcome the opportunity to discuss how our services can benefit your organization. We would like to highlight a few important points about our unique approach.

1. Keep your current carrier. We have relationships with all major carriers. However, we represent our clients and our services do not rely on changing your service provider.

2. Maintain your contractual status. Our services do not depend upon altering your contract with your existing provider; you will not need to extend your service agreement.

3. Receive your bill directly from carrier. We need access to your bill, but you still receive it directly from your current carrier(s).

4. Use your existing equipment. Our services do not require any new or additional equipment.

5. Avoid new software expenses. Our services do not require an investment in new software.

6. We are compensated based on savings. The savings we achieve for our clients is ongoing and we are only compensated on the savings we help them recognize.