Data Cabling Cat5 / Cat 6

Data Cabling Cat5 / Cat 6

There are some jobs that are better off left to the professionals and installing Cat6 and Cat6A cabling is one of them. With Tec-Tel, you’ll meet with our technicians face-to-face to discuss your technology needs, and once a plan has been agreed upon we’ll keep you about all the work that is being done and why it’s crucial to your business’s success.

Prior to the installation, we teach you the in’s and out’s of each type of system installation. You deserve to understand what powers your business, and our dedicated team of technicians is there to make sure the day-to-day operations of your business are running quicker and smoother than ever.

If you have an IT department, our technicians work closely with them to make sure that all the requirements are met for your office. Prior to us installing Cat6 cabling for your office, our technicians may ask some of the following questions to make sure we meet your structured cabling needs:

Are all of the wires within 300ft of the I.T. Room (MDF)? Can your network switches keep up to date and support the category wire you need? Will you be using IP Phones?

Finding yourself unsure the answer to any of these questions? Don’t stress over it. Our technicians are expert in the field and can help you every step of the way when it comes to understanding the difference between Cat5, Cat6, and Cat6A wiring, and what works best for your office needs.