Data Networking Consulting

Our comprehensive and effective network assessment provides tailored solutions to optimize the performance of your network. Network assessments test your data network for its readiness to carry IP voice and IP video traffic before the implementation is complete. Why is a network assessment so essential? It keeps your planned ROI in check!

  • Identifying potential issues early keeps projects on target
  • Post-project troubleshooting costs are eliminated
  • Customer satisfaction is maximized and expectation are met

Tec-Tel offers network assessments that are affordable. Best of all, there’s no interference with your customer’s day-to-day operations, and all assessments meet manufacturer requirements.

Tec-Tel’s Services Group offers three different assessments to meet your needs and your budget:

  1. Simple Assessment offers complete remote testing
  2. Standard Assessment offers complete remote testing and recommendations
  3. Complete Assessment includes testing, recommendations, and QoS verification