Energy Optimization

Energy Optimization

The Energy Policy Act of 1992 removed legal barriers in generation markets to create open competition, laying the foundation for deregulation.

Energy procurement represents a significant opportunity for operational cost savings.

Energy Bill Make up:

Transmission and Delivery Charges – about 19% and REGULATED

Energy – about 89% and is DEREGULATED


We shop a network of over 100 suppliers and request proposals on your behalf. We are not tied to just one or a few suppliers and are completely independent and unbiased, securing the lowest rate. Buying energy directly from the suppliers through our affiliated trading desk, there are no costs added by us, sales agents or GPO’s.

Large Scale Buying Power

With our partners, we leverage large volumes of electricity and natural gas under management that is equivalent to the usage of over 800 average size hospital systems which, affords our clients the benefit of buying power that they could not achieve on their own.

Market Intelligence

Our team of cost reduction experts creates a customized savings strategy for each client based on their unique needs, our industry knowledge, and proprietary tools. The Energy Analytics Portal (EAP) is a comprehensive software tool designed to manage every aspect of the client's energy needs. Live market data from every utility region provides real-time, fact-based intelligence to buy at the lowest cost through historical and forward curve analysis.